- Lashonda Spears, John Hopkins University   


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WRITTEN BY MDThe Daughters of Hustle is an erotic and violent e-book series, that explores the vicious “collision”, between the arts and entertainment industry, and organized female street gangs; both trying to survive in a mysterious world of ambitious lust, police corruption, sexual initiations, murder, betrayal and deception. "Butterflies in Hell", is the first book in the series, where MD introduces to the major gangs and their influence in the Arts and Entertainment industry. You will see how these females gangs hustle, survive and protect their individual organizations from each other and the corrupt justice system trying to end their existence.


Written by Jodi McCormick

This groundbreaking book series exposes the shocking level of sexual abuse against women in the US military, and how the victims are ignored, their wounds left untended, and how the psychological damage festers silently, poisoning their lives, as the survivors are expected to carry on, facing their attacker on a daily basis. Beautifully written.”

- Marsha Collins

The Daughters of Hustle defines the everyday hardship faced by teenage girls raised in America’s ghettos. It follows the girls, as they navigate the lives of drug dealers and hustlers, prostitutes and police. Through ambition, unity and education, she starts to see a way out and begins to find new hope and fire through her "sisters." She gives us a guided tour through hell and shows us how to survive in hypocritical and murderous world.  

                                                                                       - Juliette Sanderson  

“As with The Sopranos, the story has plenty of guns and violence, but it prefers to find its drama in the dialogue, in the internal struggles of the characters. Here, of course, there’s a much larger Shakespearean mythology at work.”

- Mitchell Douglass

As the Daughters of Hustle unfolds, Morris sociological analysis becomes more apparent and the girl’s survival consciousness emerges as they place their own life within the broader context of American psychological and survival patterns. Morris portrays the generational conflict that resulted when parents “threw away” their children to the streets and hoped they would be able to survive on their own. - Mary Williams